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Gil Sherizly

Sportherapist & Partner.


Gil Sherizly is a certified & trained Sportherapist, Medical Masseuse and Trainer with a specialty in body-weight training. Gil also has a rich background in martial arts. Gil holds first degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

His interest in Physical fitness, The human body and Training methods began after completing successfully his certification as a Military Fitness Instructor in the IDF 2014. He had soon after decide to pursue a career in physical training and perhaps in sports rehabilitation. Shortly after his discharge from the military in 2016, he became a certified fitness instructor by The Wingate Institute and began actively training and building training plans, specializing in body-weight training.

Two years later, Gil enrolled into Ono Academic Collage and received his bachelors degree as a Sportherapist - Athletic Trainer in 2021. During his studies he received various other certifications including Medical & Swedish Massage, Hydrotherapy & EMT.

Post graduation, Gil began working as a rehab trainer at Prolife - Heart Rehabilitation Clinic in Herzeliya. During his time there he met Liron Neuman, founder & owner of The Athletic Edge Clinic, who invited him to work by his side at the clinic and on-field at crossfit events and competitions. At 2022 Gil had decided to join hands with Liron as partner to The Athletic Edge clinic.

Gil Sherizly
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